This concept was found on WinUnleaked, and it got my attention as soon as I saw it.

This concept is truly awesome and this is what we want the explorer in Windows 8 to look like.

If the explorer looks like this, it will help in metrofying the desktop explorer and I am sure metro haters will also love this.

Here is a larger version of the image

This concept image was uploaded by  “RAM_Fatal1ty” and is far better than what Microsoft is doing with the look of explorer.

As you might know, that Microsoft has decided to remove Aero from Windows 8 and they will introduce a classic desktop instead of the Aero.

This decision has created a lot of hype all over the net and many bloggers have criticised this decision of Microsoft.

Also a few days back some screenshots of the new desktop look of Windows 8 appeared over the net but this concept outplayed all the other concepts even the Microsoft’s one.

I found this concept rocking.

What are your feelings?

Please share with us.

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  • Zato-One

     I want metro file explorer…

  • 123321

    wow great! microsoft, please bring that one! 😉

  • xinu

    I actually prefer this to what Microsoft has at the moment. The only thing I would change would be to add some colour on the top bar, so it does not look so white. 

  • zulbia_bamie

    UI is not finished yet , not for desktop nor Metro , we will see the final changes in final release . you shouldn’t expect Microsoft to show everything in release preview.

  • Oliver Mills

    Don’t be too quick to criticise Microsoft, they aren’t stupid – they have tricks up their sleeves. This concept doesn’t even have an overview navigator on the left…?

  • ECM2

    It’s difficult to use (sarcasm).

  • Tarkus

    It looks okay, but where is the folder pane?  Also, MS needs to stick with their decision of disabling the ribbon by default.

  • NazmusLabs

    The real author of the image is Zain. Please check out the original authors of these images. I compiled several shots with credits to their real authors on this Neowin forum thread. Please kindly check them out. There are more shots like this on the thread that you will like.

    Source Link:

  • Billy Lariviere

    Wow, really neat concept, visually. Refreshing and closer to Metro. I, for one, like the general white look. I would also the general right-click effect that’s in metro for opening the ribbon, but I would also Metroize the (ribbon) icons a bit more.

  • Timiteh

    My problem with Metro is flatness and lack of eye candy.
    Thos doesn’t solve the problem !

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    i dont know why others dont but I love the ribbon interface it keeps everything neat and clean.