It was about time an app like this showed up on the Window Store.

The Windows Store is gathering momentum with over 20,000 apps available right now. Add to these the hundreds of new apps that surface every day, it becomes quite a task sifting out the best ones to download and purchase.

Enter Great Windows Apps – a simple directory application that lists only the very best.

You can find out top rated developers, as well as the handpicked best apps in each category. Better yet, if you like something you find, you can look for more apps by that particular developer.

If you are a Windows 8 or Microsoft Surface user that downloads apps regularly, then Great Windows Apps should be the next item on your downloads list.

The official description reads:

“This app generates true new releases and true top rated listings, to allow users to discover the apps they want, rather than being spoon-fed a handful of selected apps by the Windows Store”.

According to the developer, only the strictest quality rules are implemented, meaning this directory application features only the finest apps available in the Windows Store. Rating and reviews are aggregated from a bunch of sources.

Click here to check the Great Windows Apps product page.

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