The beginning of a new week is the perfect time to look for a release of a new Windows 10 build. Or at least, information about when it would be coming, if nothing else.

Well, the latest intelligence straight from Dona Sarkar is that a new launch may happen tomorrow.

Best case scenario.

The head of the Windows Insider Program tweeted that there would be no now release until tomorrow at the earliest. And that is because yesterday was a public holiday in the US, Labor Day, and the Windows Insider team just got back in business now.

Not completely surprising, this.

And besides, the Windows Insider team is coming off a very busy week, where they launched a bunch of new versions, including build 16278 and build 16281. Insiders that chose to skip ahead also got access to the first Redstone 4 preview version, one that goes by as build 16353.

Then again, Microsoft has already said that we should expect a faster release cycle of these preview builds ahead of the launch of the Fall Creators Update.

Meaning, we can expect a build or two to launch this week.

Which brings us to Windows 10 Mobile, where build 15245 is already two weeks old, and a new version would be very welcome this week. Even if it comes with the usual bug fixes and improvements, as opposed to new features.

Guess we’ll find out in the next three days.

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