We’ve seen “doom and gloom” Windows 8 surveys before. Most of these have been pretty small and only involved a few thousand people. Now a new survey from Avast has shown up, which polled 1.6 million users of its antivirus software the day before the Windows 8 launch. They received 350,000 responses. Of these respondents, 135,329 of them were from users within the United States.

About 22 percent of those taking the poll were still on Windows XP, 65 percent were on Windows 7 and just 8 percent were on Windows Vista. So what was the overall response? Six out of 10 were aware of Windows 8, but only 9 percent said they were eager to buy a new machine right away just to get Windows 8. More than 70 percent said they will continue using the same OS they already have for the time being.

A small sixteen percent of the U.S. respondents indicated that they were considering a new PC. Of that sixteen percent, 68% of them were interested in a Windows 8 device, though 30 percent planned on replacing their PC with an iPad or other tablet, and 12 percent were considering a Mac.

Is this that bad of news? Not really. Actually, not bad for a new OS. Second, this was done the day before the launch. Sure, 6 of 10 respondents were aware of Windows 8, but how much did they REALLY know about it?

It’s one thing to say you know a new version of Windows is coming, it’s another to understand the changes that came with it. Now that advertising has begun, a similar survey might end up with different results. What do you think of this survey?

Do you use Windows 8 yet?

What are your impressions of Microsoft’s newest OS so far?

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  • Robert Kegel

    Also this is done by Avast which is an anti-virus company and Windows 8 has its own anti-virus built in and many users may not use another anti-virus so they may loose users who go to Windows 8. Now Avast was my #1 anti-virus pre-Windows 8, but how am I suppose to trust these result from them?

  • khaled mourad

    I see this a positive for Windows 8 after couple of weeks of Windows 8 Launch

    “9 percent said they were eager to buy a new machine right away just to get Windows 8”

    if you multiply 9% by number of global PC users, that huge

    so what is segmentation of Windows 8 Tablet & Tablet Convertibles? it is should considered PC

    sooner or later XP & Vista old machines will be upgraded

  • Timi Azeez

    My wife and I both upgraded to windows 8 and granted I’ve been using the preview for months, I would say that the market is strong and would continue to grow. Windows will make the complaints high at first due to it being new and which happens to anything new. People don’t like change even though it’s good for them. What makes critics shut up is the experience and I believe that is a winner because Windows has finally brought the desktop and mobile together in harmony. Some might say it’s confusing at first but then it’s the beginning of the end of the desktop screen because as more desktop apps switch to the modern UI so will there be less need for the desktop screen and as such Windows 9 will become a true OS where no matter the device you use all the apps work the same.

  • Sam

    I’m curious to know why they surveyed people before the launch – before anyone even had the opportunity to even get their feet wet and try it… I upgraded to Windows 8 and so far I think it’s great! I’m looking forward to the few small changes that are in the talks though – the return of the start button for starters!.