About that new Microsoft logo...

About that new Microsoft logo…

So as you probably saw, Microsoft just released a new corporate logo yesterday.

It looks like this..

So far so good.

The problem is, I thought that look and feel looked familiar so I went back through the archives.

I remembered that I held a poll back in February (for fun) where people got to vote for a new Windows 8 logo. It was a tongue in cheek affair where the readers weighed in on some professionally designed alternatives.

(Archon Systems Inc.) held a Windows 8 logo redesign competition on 99designs.com. I took my voting samples from there.

This was the entry I noticed back then.

This was a design by user ROM done in February 2012.

I know that it’s not exactly rocket science to put the logo and colors in that order.

Here’s another one that was done by Alay Patel in February as well.

I guess in retrospect, the Microsoft logo colors were obvious to most designers and not as original as i thought at first.

What do you think?

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  • Alphere

    Common, Microsoft can already use this logo back in 1995. You can easily create this logo in Paint 95 since it simple 2D squares compared to the Vista/7 logo.

    • EllaiMac

      Thats what its all about, Simplicity.