I previously said that the PC desktop world is going to start shifting away from towers in favor of touch-based all-in-ones. With that in mind, we have another announcement for all-in-ones, this time for Acer.

Before jumping in to what Acer is offering, let’s talk about design. One of the driving elements for success with Windows 8 and RT tablets has been said to be how original and sexy they can design them. I agree, and feel this might also be true for all-in-ones. We already have a great all-in-one that runs Windows 7 and 8 with ease, its called the iMac.

Do we need more? Sure, but only if they can give us compelling reasons why they are better. Touch is part of this package. Still, a touch-based device that looks like an ordinary iMac would be awfully boring.

Thankfully, Acer isn’t giving us just an iMac clone.

Acer Aspire offers a somewhat unique all-in-one design.

Acer All-in-Ones

The Acer Aspire 5600U and 7600U pack 23-inch and 27-inch screen sizes respectively. Both have Intel processors in several configurations, up to 3.1Ghz i5. They also have 8GB of memory and blu-ray abilities. The Acer 7600U also packs NVIDIA GT640M graphics as well. Other specs include Bluetooth, Wifi, and HDMI inputs/outputs.

From a design perspective, these aren’t iMac clones. They have a kickstand look that is rather sexy in my opinion. Storage is of the traditional HDD type, and they have card readers and other high-end parts. These things are POWERFUL. Touch and high-end graphics, good processors, and sexy design. The Acer all-in-ones might not appeal to everyone but they certainly aren’t clones.

The bad news? They aren’t cheap either? The Aspire 7600U will start at $1,899 and the 5600U will start at $1,149. They will also offer cheaper non-touch variants. In contrast, the Sony Tap20 gives you an all-in-one 20-incher that has a built-in battery and can also function as a giant tablet for family gaming and entertainment at around the same price as the 5600U….

So are the Acer models worth it? Depending on if you need the extra punch when it comes to processing and graphics.

While Acer is jumping headfirst in to the all-in-one touch market, they understand that some users will want a tower-based device, this is why they are offering two touch monitors, the T232HL and T272HL. These are just like the all-in-ones, but without the built-in PC. They are in 23-inch and 27-inch sizes. Pricing will start at $499.99 and go up from there.


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  • Robert Kegel

    I’m not sold on the all in one. Instead of an all in one PC I’d either like to have a tower that I can get really high gaming specs and upgrade. If I want something all in one I’ll get a Surface or another hybrid tablet/laptop and hopefully one will have a docking station for a big monitor and extra ports. I have no doubt that all in ones will be popular but they’re for people who don’t have the space for a tower or they don’t know you can get an equally fast laptop (and soon hybrids) with docking station and even if you have to spend a little more its cheaper than getting an all on one and a laptop or hybrid.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Andrew_Grush

      I agree, Robert. The only all-in-one that really fascinates me though is the Sony 20-inch which has a built-in battery. It is a tablet and an all-in-one. While not that practical… it is pretty cool.