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Some new moves from Acer, after all. The company has been slow to react on the Windows front lately, but with the Back to School season approaching, a bunch of new Acer models have been announced.

The newest are a couple of really affordable fanless laptops.

Going by the name of Acer Aspire E11 and V11, these notebooks were unveiled this past April at a New York event held by the company. Fast forward a few months, and both have made their debuts on the market, starting at just $250.

Both come with 11.6-inch displays, and make use of Intel Bay Trail processors, the secret behind their fanless design. Although you will hear a few rumbles here and there, as these devices make use of traditional hard disk drives with moving parts, as opposed to SSDs.

But since these are not performance laptops, this is quite alright, more so at this price.

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Speaking of which, Acer Aspire E11, the basic model, retails for $250, while the V11 comes with a touchscreen and bumps the price to $350.

And both devices are offered with a variety of configurations, with choices of either a Celeron N2830 processor or the Pentium N3530 for the Aspire E11, in 2GB of 4GB RAM capacities. Storage choices are either a 320GB hard drive or a 500GB option.

The Aspire V11, on the other hand, comes with 4GB RAM and 500GB hard disk, with a choice of either a Celeron N2930 or Pentium N3530.

Pretty solid options for young students and undemanding users that want mobility at a budget.

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  1. AustinPowers / July 7, 2014 at 2:01 pm /Reply

    Amazing. I remember the days when Windows Laptops that did way less than this went for well over a grand. Times have changed, and this is a good deal in my eyes.

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