It appears that Windows RT, the slimmed down version of Microsoft’s new platform is not making the cut for several hardware vendors. As a result, they have now shifted their attention towards the complete Windows 8 experience.

ARM architecture offers a number of advantages, but it does not match what the x86 flavor of Windows 8 offers to end users.

And according to NPD DisplaySearch, a new wave of Windows 8 tablets is slated for arrival in the second half of the year. Big players like Acer, ASUS, Dell and Lenovo are all said to be in on the action and currently designing their new devices.

Interestingly, vendors are going for the middle ground this time.

While 7-inch slates are all the rage at the moment, with the iPad Mini and several popular Android tablets available under this screen size, most of them offer modest feature sets and performance. Their biggest advantage lies in the low prices they retail at.

On the other hand, the 10.1-inch tablets come with a much higher price tag. And this is because hardware vendors stuff them up with the best and most powerful components.

But these Windows tablet makers are reportedly targeting the 8-inch form factor. In other words, they are trying to offer a more powerful feature set, but pricing these devices closer to what most 7-inch slates retail for.

Ultimately, it will all come down to how the consumers receive these devices once they hit the store shelves. But the middle price segment theory is not just interesting, it makes total sense too.

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