Makes one wonder whether the higher ups at Acer actually do some work or just talk? Several officials at the company have regularly expressed their negative views on Windows RT ever since release.

Acer CEO criticized Microsoft’s tablet oriented operating system a couple of days ago, and now in a new report that just surface revealed the CEO JT Wang calling Windows RT a very immature OS.

According to a story over at PC Pro, the chief executive officer of the hardware vendor explained that his company will most probably focus on devices running the full version of Windows 8 — in other words, Intel or AMD solutions instead of ARM based ones:

“We have some R&D projects, but we will be very, very cautious in deciding whether we will do the launch and mass production.”

And it is not just words this time around. Acer has recently unveiled its impressive Iconia W3 tablet that retails for a very affordable price and offers the full functionality of Windows 8 powered by an Intel Atom processor.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has chosen to remain completely quite on Windows RT sales numbers. And rightly so, it must be said. Redmond, along with ARM, has made it absolutely clear that they will put their weight behind Windows RT in the near future.

The software titan will focus on adding new features to the OS with Windows RT 8.1, while ARM (and manufacturing partners like Qualcomm and NVIDIA) is working on quad-core and 64-bit solutions to take care of the performance issues.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it too soon to pull the plug off of Windows RT without giving it a second chance, like Acer is hinting, or is it worth waiting and seeing what kind of hardware and software improvements the platform receives in the months to come? Do comment.

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  1. Emmanuel Mac Donald / June 5, 2013 at 10:46 pm /Reply

    I think that they might have dropped the ball. If they could have out RT and got the price at 200-250 it could have been a huge hit. What legacy programs are tablet users needing to use at that size? not many I would think. or I wouldn’t need any.

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