According to a recent claim from the Register, Microsoft feels that part of the problem for semi-slow sales of Windows 8 stems from less-than-stellar hardware being pushed out. With that in mind, it seems that Acer is dumping its very low-end budget hardware brand, eMachines.

Acer says that they are discontinuing the brand to focus on two other lower-end brands, Gateway and Packard Bell. According to Acer, “as computing devices are used in new ways, both on the go and throughout the home, Gateway and Packard Bell will adapt their product portfolios to meet these needs.”

Of course you have to wonder why Acer couldn’t adapt eMachine devices for use in new ways, like tablets and convertibles. The bottom-line probably comes down to reputation. While none of those three brands have stellar reps these days, Packard Bell and Gateway are arguably easier to sell to consumers than eMachines.

Going back as far as I can remember, eMachines have largely been associated with cheap machines that use the lowest quality parts possible. I really can’t imagine seeing or buying an eMachine tablet or ultrabook. While I don’t have huge love for Packard Bell or Gateway, a Packard Bell or Gateway mobile device seems less odd to me for some reason than the idea of an eMachine tablet.

What do you think? Is Acer wise to drop eMachines or do you think that the brand could have continued on as a low-cost option?

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  • Matthew Goffard

    When you say lowest quality parts…it a fact…old emachienes with win xp, 1ghx celeron, 128mb ram with next to no upgradablity, 20gb Segate hdd, no apg slot (its a early 2000’s computer- shouldn’t it have one of these?)

    The only thing they didn’t skimp on was making the case look decent.

  • Robert Kegel

    First off I didn’t even know Acer owned all three of these companies. Why would they own 3 low end companies? It would be smart to own a high end (which is Acer) a mid end which is probably Gateway and Packard Bell is their low end.

    Acer is the higher end ultra books and tablet/hybrids. Gateway is the mid end touch laptops and tablet/hybrids (probably RT or ATOM based). Packard Bell is their low end tablets (RT and maybe Android). Thats how I would consider doing it.