Acer Has Launched A Touch Chromebook! Is This Trip Really Necessary?

Acer. The hardware company that lives in the hearts and minds of Windows 8 users. Or not. The company has made some radical choices in the past, starting with its unadulterated criticism of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

But another totally out of the ordinary thing Acer has done is gone on to create and market the world’s first touchscreen laptop running the Chrome OS — essentially a Chromebook.

This, despite of the fact that Google’s operating system has not been designed for touch functionality in mind. This, despite the fact that Acer’s portfolio of touch enabled Windows 8 devices leaves a lot to be desired. But there you have it.

The Acer C720P touchscreen Chromebook has actually been out for a while, but the company has now brought the device to Australia. And in an interview, Acer’s head of commercial client products talked about adding the touch functionality to the Chromebook.

According to Daniel Goffredo, this has to do with encouraging developers making applications that are touch enabled. In fact, Acer plans to use this model for all its future products.

And that is, creating a non-touch and touch-enabled model of every hardware device it creates.

This is actually part of the company’s roadmap moving forward, and we might also see it implemented on the Windows 8 side of things too. Wouldn’t that be a sight, then?

Touch, it is becoming clear, is here to stay, one way or another.

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