This too, took a long time coming, but it seems that hardware manufacturers are finally coming to their senses. Case in point, Acer, the company that has, in recent times, heavily criticized Microsoft in general and Windows 8 in particular.

While Microsoft’s latest operating system is still chugging along at a steady (and slow) pace, the software giant is often blamed for the disappointing sales performance of Windows 8.

But Acer’s chairman holds the view that Redmond is not the only one responsible for this slow uptake.

Talking to Digitimes, JT Wang seems to have adapted a much friendlier attitude, and in fact goes on to show support for Microsoft and its products. Yes, yes, it’s the same chap who ripped into Microsoft for breaking into the hardware field.

Wang said that Microsoft is not the only company at fault for Windows 8 sales — the whole PC ecosystem is to be blamed for the fact that many users still have lukewarm feelings for the new OS.

This much is sure — the guy isn’t wrong.

Microsoft has often decried the fact that PC manufacturers have failed to bring more touch enabled devices to the market that run Windows 8. Insider sources have revealed that Steve Ballmer along with several high-profile executives have criticized the hardware industry.

Nevertheless, anticipation for Windows Blue seems to be growing, as more and more users are eager to see what the first major refresh of the Windows 8 platform brings to the table.

Windows Blue is widely expected to hit the market later this year.

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  1. Release Preview will come in August…

  2. Microsoft isn’t the only fish in the sea! It is about time that there are other competitors, and the consumers are letting Microsoft know that!

  3. If 6.3 private build is set to expire in Jan 2014, I’d expect a public beta build around Sep-Oct 2013 with final release somewhere towards middle-end of next year. A statement like “expected to hit the market later this year” also hits Windows 8 sales right in the shins 🙂 Since it’s all a rumor mill, I expect it to come out on April 1st.

    • Newer reports do seem to suggest an August release, though. I reckon Microsoft (and its partners) would like it to be as soon as possible, as Blue does looks to get a lot of things right.

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