Acer release Windows 8 pricing details

Acer’s pricing for some of their tablets has been revealed.

Pricing for the New Zealand market was quietly made available and the graphic above shows some of the numbers.

The Acer’s Iconia W510 Windows 8 tablet runs on a dual core Intel Atom and 64GB storage starts at NZ$999 incl tax (NZ$868+tax). This is US$712 excluding tax.

The current 64GB Wi-Fi iPad sells in NZ$1029 incl tax – and in it’s home market for US$699.

Acer also shared pricing on the higher end Iconia W700 which sports 128GB SSD storage, a 1.7ghz Intel i5 processor and a 11.6″ full HD display.

That starts at NZ$1799 incl tax – which translates to a likely US$1299 in the American market.

It seems to me that these vendors are betting that consumers will pay above $1500 for high end devices with Windows 8 on them.

This holiday season will be fun.


  • CY

    Acer’s marketing dept must be filled with idiots. Even MS doesn’t build her own tablet, they won’t sell even one on the market.