Acer show off their new Windows 8 Acer Aspire S7

Acer has revealed more of it’s Windows 8 enabled Acer Aspire S7.

Based on the pictures, it seems to be a sleek ultraportable Ultrabook.

The Aspire S7 series includes a 13.3-inch model and an 11.6-incher, the first in the company’s Ultrabook lineup.

The S7 series have screens that fold back 180 degrees, allowing the system to lie flat. Unlike the original S3, which caught flack for its chintzy design, these two are made of 12.5mm-thick unibody aluminum and sport backlit keyboards and “full HD” displays, making these the most premium Ultrabooks Acer has attempted so far.

In the case of the 13-inch version, too, you’ll get a glass lid — something previously seen only on the HP Envy 14 Spectre.

The 11-inch model is rated for up to nine hours of battery life, while the larger promises up to 12.

Some Photos (TheVerge)

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  • 123321

    this is really the most beautiful ultrabook i’ve seen. i’m quite impressed. cant wait to try it out