Well, one thing is for sure. Microsoft’s newest operating system has a taste for theatrics. Controversies and critiques later, companies are now warming up to Windows 8.

As a matter of pure fact, Acer was one of the harshest critics of Microsoft’s new operating system, saying that it failed to boost the collapsing PC market after launch. The company even criticized Redmond’s overall philosophy of breaking into the hardware domain.

But now it seems it has had a change of heart.

Company president, Jim Wong, vocal personality that he is, says that he is now seeing a growing demand for Windows 8 computers — and this ascending trend looks set to continue and climb even further over the next few months.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal that is published by NASDAQ.com, Wong was in applauding mood of Microsoft’s efforts to support Windows 8 adoption.

But the head of the hardware vendor failed to provide any more information on how exactly the Redmond titan is helping PC makers in this regard.

Most probably he is talking about the rumored OEM discount that Microsoft has planned for the immediate future. The company wants to maximize the Windows 8 user base ahead of its scheduled roll out of Windows Blue sometimes in August 2013.

Microsoft would want to bring cheaper devices to the market so as to rekindle consumer interest in the platform, and increase sales of computers running its newest OS.

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  1. I’m not surprised he has changed his tune, I know for a fact the Acer W510 is selling like hot cakes!!

  2. Windows 8 is for kids….

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