While the Microsoft Surface is far from being the only Windows RT option out there, it is certainly the one that is plucked in the direct center of everyone’s attention.

Is this unfair to other vendors? Not really. The Surface is catching eyes because it has a sexy and functional design approach, it also has excellent marketing supporting its launch.

Any competing RT vendor is free to design something even better and put a little advertising behind it. Sure, the Microsoft name helps– but it hurts, too. There are many people who like Microsoft software but have been burned by their hardware.

Those that have bought multiple Xbox 360s with red ring issues or those with a now unsupported Microsoft Zune or Kin might be more than cautious when it comes to buying the Microsoft Surface.

Still, Acer has been quite vocal about how they feel that the Microsoft Surface is a bad move that might cause real problems for its competition going forward. I have a solution for you Acer, stop whining and start designing.

I’m not the first person to have said this, obviously– but it does seem that Acer is finally doing just that.

The company has confirmed they are still developing Windows RT devices but that they are carefully watching Windows RT and how aggressive Surface is in that space before moving forward.

In the meantime, they are going back to the drawing board and putting more R&D efforts into creating potentially great RT products when they do launch around Q2 of 2013.

This is what we want to hear. If you don’t like the Surface, give us something better. Can they pull it off? If we take a look at Acer’s track record it doesn’t look good. Acer has a history of creating products that are quite affordable but at the same time cut a few corners when it comes to overall build quality and design.

IF (and that’s a big if) Acer can give us something cheaper than the Surface but still keep build quality high, they might have a chance to win over some fans in the Windows RT world, though.

Is Acer being wise with their decision to go back to the drawing board and wait, or are they missing out on the opportunity to establish itself in RT tablet world?

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  • ThePlayer969

    By the time Acer release a RT device the Surface would have gone down in price by then so they will have to compete with the price also. From my experiance of Acer build quality and even there software they load on comptuter/laptops is of poor quality (HP software is just as bad but atleast there hardware seems to be good quality).

    As of now the devices im waiting for is the Surface Pro and Nokia 920.