Since Nokia is currently the heart and soul of the Windows Phone platform, the fortunes of the mobile operating platform are largely linked with how the mobile phone maker performs.

As the financial results made public last week show, Nokia managed to ship a slightly lower amount of Lumia devices in the final quarter of 2013, compared to the third quarter. This led some to believe that the overall sales of Windows Phone slightly dipped in this period.

But as Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s man behind Windows Phone put it last week:

“Folks who think holiday sales of WP declined are incorrect. Activations more than doubled last holidays and increased each holiday month.”

And now we have a new report from advertising network AdDuplex to confirm this.

According to these statistics, the total number of Windows Phone devices in use in December last year came in at 35 million — almost double the amount the network recorded in September. In fact, the platform experience growth in the last quarter of the year, contrary to other reports.

AdDuplex claims that more than 10 million Windows Phone handsets were sold in the final three months of 2013, compared to the figures of 8 million in the previous quarter.

When taken in context with the numbers Nokia put up, it is very likely that while the company actually shipped more handsets in Q3 than it managed in Q4, more of those smartphones were sold to end users in the final quarter. It was the holiday shopping season, after all.

In any case, all these are very obviously estimates, and official Microsoft numbers are not available right now. But it is clear that platform still has some solid momentum going for it right now.

Just how much Redmond manages to build upon it is this year is what that matters.

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  • Ray C

    Windows Phone will continue to do well. Hopefully 10M becomes the new low

    • Fahad Ali

      Fingers crossed. Microsoft and friends need to cross the 50 million a year mark soon. And the best thing is they made some big strides last year towards this goal.