A new report from AdDuplex today ranks Hewlett Packard #1 among manufacturers of Windows 8/RT devices with 22% of total market share.  The number of Window 8/RT devices also rose from a little over 3,000 last month to  5,500 in December.

Microsoft fell from its #2 ranking from November to #6, while HP widened its lead at the top. The report adds;

That isn’t surprising since OEMs didn’t rush to market all that much. Plus a lot of people upgraded their Windows 7 machines and, obviously, none of them were made by Microsoft.

Dell was ion third p[lace with 10% of the market, followed byAcer and Asus with 9% each and then Toshiba with 7%. Microsoft – with its Surface RT, held on to a 6% share with Lenovo, Samsung and Sony racking up 5% each.

Screen Orientation

Another tidbit from AdDuplex was that for the Surface RT, 94% of users used the screen in landscape mode, while only 2% used it in portrait mode.  Somewhat intuitive, but there you have it.  The overwhelming majority of Surface users still use apps in full screen landscape mode.


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