All it takes are some comments to change the situation upside down. Ever since the search for the new Microsoft CEO began, one name has been at, or near the very top of the list.

It does not hurt when the outgoing CEO of a company thinks highly of you. Steve Ballmer has been nothing but praise for Ford boss Alan Mulally, and the man himself has done wonders for the famed American car maker.

But while Alan Mulally has for months been considered to be one of the leading candidates for the job, it turns out that Microsoft’s board of directors have now also begun looking at some other names.

As AllThingsD reports, the committee in charge of finding a new CEO for Microsoft was not all too pleased with the recent comments that Mulally wanted to stay at Ford until late 2014. As a result, they have initiated talks with other potential replacements to take over from Steve Ballmer.

More interesting, however, is the fact in the above report that Redmond now wants someone that has a more proven experience in the field of IT. Mulally, obviously, has only minor associations with computing technology, and surely is not up to pace in the markets that Microsoft gets involved in.

And while this is not exactly newsflash, it is something that is now coming into play.

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  1. Make sense not to hire a CEO who sells cars to manage an IT business. Just like it’s an error to hire a sugar drink CEO to head the Apple.

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