This much is certain friends and neighbors, that the way Ford CEO has been denying things in the media, either something big is at play here, or this is the world’s most high-profile smokescreen.

Alan Mulally quickly became part of the headlines as the leading candidate for the CEO chair at Microsoft. The company itself is said to be looking to finalize a name before the year is out, and there are voices that Steve Ballmer himself is backing Alan Mulally.

But the head of the American car maker has, on multiple times, made it clear that he has no intention to leave Ford for the time being. And he did so again in a speech at the University of Georgia.

USA Today has a quote from him in this regard:

“They are a great company. With respect to Microsoft, I love serving Ford, so I have nothing new to announce besides serving Ford. I never really thought I would leave Ford. When Bill Ford called, I knew I was having trouble, because I didn’t say ‘No’ right away.”

Don’t know about right away, but he has slammed the switch rumors more than once now.

While Ford has so far not commented on these rumors, its board recently held a meeting to discuss the future of their illustrious CEO. Something is really going on behind the curtains — surely it is.

Anyway, in addition to Mulally, Microsoft is said to have opened negotiations with a number of internal and external candidates. Stephen Elop, the former Nokia boss that rejoined Redmond after the recent deal is another big name on the company’s shortlist.

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