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ALBA commits to making the move to Windows Server 2012

Last week we reported on a special conference event in Bahrain. The special event was all about Microsoft Server 2012 and how it could help businesses in the area. It also made special mention of tools like Windows Azure.

Bahrain continues to evolve its IT departments beyond many other countries in the area and Microsoft has been a big part of this change.

While Microsoft was the main host of the event, HP and Bahrain-based ALBA was also involved in the presentation.

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (aka ALBA) not only helped with demonstrations but they promised to improve efficiency as a company and would make a special commitment to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0 and System Center 2012 at the special Bootcamp event.

While Windows Server 2012 has been out for a little while now in many markets, in Bahrain the event signaled the new launch of the product and Alba is determined to be one of the first to fully roll-out the latest server technologies from Microsoft.

Commenting on Alba’s adoption of Windows Server 2012, the company’s IT manager had the following to say:

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“For a company of Alba’s size, it is imperative that efficient backend support remains at the heart of all business operations and in enabling the company achieve its productivity goals. The deployment of this new cloud platform was a move in the right direction as it helped reduce IT operational cost by 25 per cent through its reliable and innovative use of low-cost storage as well as bring improvements in continuous system availability. With the new Windows Server 2012 from Microsoft, we are gaining tremendous efficiencies, which translate into more time to innovate for company growth.”

Windows 2012 is a major push into the world of cloud computing, in a way that previous version never were. It is important that companies embrace the latest version and the benefits that the cloud can provide. It is especially impressive and important that developing countries like Bahrain see the value in cloud technologies as well.

We live in a global world, and continued improvements in cloud technologies and cloud operating systems are going to be crucial to businesses of all sizes going forward. Hopefully other companies in the area follow by Alba’s example and make the push towards the cloud-centric Windows Server 2012.

What do you think of Windows Server 2012 when compared to earlier version of the software?

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