What would you say to a mobile OS on a 10-inch slate? If Alcatel have their way, they will be the first to launch a Windows Phone tablet next year, the company has confirmed at IFA 2014.

There have been rumors aplenty that Microsoft is adding such a functionality to a future version of Windows Phone. And budget device maker Alcatel OneTouch is gearing up for such a possibility to design a rather unique tablet.

Dan Dery, VP and CMO of Alcatel OneTouch, talked about this at the trade show last week, stating:

“Rumor has it that the Windows Phone is going to be available on tablet kind-of form factor on ARM chipset, and we’re going to be first in doing that. For example we are developing a 10-inch tablet which has the Magic Flip technology for the keypad with trackpad.”

There may be life yet in those ARM chips for use with Windows, after all.

The news itself hardly comes as a surprise, not when you consider that Microsoft have not kept secret their plans to merge Windows Phone with Windows RT in the next major update, which is being developed under the codename Threshold.

However, we are still far away from a possibility of seeing a Windows Phone tablet, so the jumping for joy bit will have to wait. Anything can change between now and when the next update rolls out.

One interesting thing in the interview above is that Dan considers Windows Phone a much better option for low end devices than Android. No surprises, again — Microsoft have designed Windows Phone to run on smartphones with low amount of memory, unlike the jolly old green robot.

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