Computer market Alienware is known for the high-end performance and build quality of its devices, but the company is now said to be considering the release of a smartphone.

It is not yet clear which mobile platform Alienware will target — whether Windows Phone, Android, or maybe even both. But considering that the hardware maker is actually a subsidiary of Dell, there is chance that it may drift towards Microsoft’s platforms.

Platforms, because, while Alienware has explained that it is looking to build a smartphone that would deliver an experience that is in line with what users expect from any Alienware product, a tablet PC is also on the agenda.

Frank Azor, Alienware’s general manager talking to SlashGear confirmed the company’s plans, while also adding that the hardware maker is currently waiting for the right technology to emerge before it plunges into the smartphone market:

“The technologies that are available today are not ready, in our opinion, for us to deliver the experiences that we believe need to be successful in any of those types of form factors – smartphone, tablet – right now.”

The actually rules out the release of such a device in the very near future, but nevertheless, the company seems to working on these two platforms, with concepts already designed. It could also mean that the company is waiting for Redmond to roll out its Windows Phone Blue update.

The upcoming Windows Phone Blue update is poised to bring support for a number of enhancements on the software and hardware side of things.

Either way one this is for sure — we could soon have a deluxe new contender in the highly competitive mobile arena. And that is never a bad thing for end consumers.

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  • Jeffrey_S

    Bring it, compete or blow away Lumia (tough to do!), and make another great device for the WP ecosystem!
    Right now, Lumia holds the torch for WP, but AlienWare might be able to bring something compelling enough to move the needle on this ecosystem.
    With MS having some cash involved, does this amount to the Surface Phone many have hoped for, under a slightly different guise? Probably not, but it should be interesting all the same.