One more Microsoft feature hits primetime. Windows Phone app developers, all of them, can now engage with users of their applications, and respond to queries and concerns directly.

Up until now, this facility was on only available to a select few, as part of a test program, which Redmond had initiate back in April this year. The test run, obviously, went as planned and the company has now rolled this feature out for all developers.

The general availability of this feature was first reported here, and as noted, Microsoft exclusively launched this facility in the US, and only for reviews posted from devices powered either by Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

With this new rollout, the feature is available for all developers via the Dev Center.

There are still some caveats, though — there usually are.

While developers are able to respond to any reviews sent by Windows Phone 8.1 users, they will only have the ability to reply to reviews from Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 handsets if the devices have their region set to the United States.

Microsoft have also put up some general guidelines for developers when they respond to reviews, like being polite, not being aggressive, and avoiding any marketing content or ads. The usual stuff.

And although the company will not get involved if there are disputes, it retains the right to revoke a developer’s permission to send responses for any reason. More of the usual stuff.

Nevertheless, a welcome new addition that will help developers and end users, both.

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  1. Perfect! It’s always nice to get dialogue flowing between developers and users. This will only help to improve apps and the satisfaction of the customers of the apps.

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