All hail King Sinofsky?

Yeah this is the eve of Steven Sinofsky’s big day.

The world is lined up waiting for the next big thing – possibly the future of the entire company – Microsoft.

Inevitably, people are going to look at this as the ultimate test for Sinofsky. Can he deliver?

Interesting piece on the Huffington Post today.

Talks about the upside for Sinofsky if he does deliver. Kind of like my article about the dude.

Most interesting (and somewhat accurate) part of the article to me is:

“Bill Gates had the most amazing mind I’ve ever encountered. You could show him a PowerPoint slide and he would ask why it was different from the one you showed him three years ago,” said another former Microsoft executive. “Steve Ballmer is the most intuitively mathematical person I’ve ever worked with. Steve (Sinofsky) is neither of those things.”

….“Sinofsky is an executor, he can deliver,” said one large institutional shareholder. “They (Microsoft) should be able to provide more transparency to the depth of bench – to demystify the inner circle of management. In the absence of providing that, you get non-productive chatter. It would serve them well to nip that in the bud.”

Sums up all three men pretty well if you ask me…

Tick Tock – the clock is ticking…