Enough to make it (currently) the largest category in the fledging new apps repository.

Microsoft’s Marketing head Andrew Webber reported this fact that the Windows Store has 1,421 apps in the ‘Games’ category, during the London Games Conference 2012.

Of course, he said the word ‘only’ somewhere in the sentence, but hey, its early days still.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Store is scaling new heights with time. It just reached an important milestone of over 20,000 unique apps, with a large portion of them are being offered as freeware.

Bear in mind this isn’t express speed yet. More so when you consider how big Microsoft is aiming for. Keith Lorizio, the Vice President, US Sales & Marketing at the company said in October that they hope to reach 100,000 applications by February.

That figure seems like a very long shot right now, but there is no doubt good interest in developing for the platform. Windows 8 launched with 6,000 apps, a healthy initial number whichever way you look at it.

But it’s good to see the figure increasing with each passing day.

What the Store lacks right now are apps developed by renowned companies that already have a strong presence on the Apple and Android markets. Some (like Twitter and Mozilla) of them have already confirmed that they are working on Windows 8 exclusive application.

Nevertheless, this is one thing that really needs to pick up pace in the coming months.


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