AMD, in more ways than one, has so far idled out in the mobile game, unlike its closest rival Intel. But the company recently made some moves to chart out its own unique strategy in this evolving market.

And one of the deals it penned was with BlueStacks, maker of the popular Android virtualization software for Windows, to produce a dual operating system Android solution that was optimized for the AMD APUs. Now it has officially unveiled the fruits of this labor.

As part of its MWC 2014 conference, AMD confirmed that it is bringing the Android OS experience to Windows tablets, hybrids, notebooks — even desktops powered by its processors.

So from now on, customers that buy an AMD powered machine also get the ability to deploy the BlueStacks upgrade on the devices.

Doing so would bring not just the Android UI, but full support for Android apps, synchronization abilities, along with functionalities like cameras, accelerometers, and the like.

They will even be able to access their Windows files from the Android environment.

Since this is virtualization, users will not be required to log out of Windows to use Android — the mobile operating system will run virtually within the Windows OS. If you have to do it then do it right, they say!

Are you game, then, people? Or is Android not your thing, period?

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  1. I have installed bluestack since win8.0. What is new about this bluestack?

  2. What I firmly believe about bluestacks is it isn’t an app that meets the top needs . The new version just runs ICS . Many apps and games need at least jellybean . So I guess they should work upon and make a version with Jellybean or KitKat .

    Moreover 1GB+ apps do not work well in Bluestacks and do not work properly . Even 175MB+ games do not work well with Bluestacks . So I guess they should work on this as well….

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