AMD Plans To Focus On The High End Tablet Market Exclusively

AMD Plans To Focus On The High End Tablet Market Exclusively

Hold the cilantro, please! When it comes to the tablet game, at least on the Windows and PC front, there are a lot of expectations from companies like Intel and AMD.

They obviously make some of the most technology advanced components that power these devices. Yes, the central processing unit (CPU) or more recently system-on-a-chip (SoC) units. For one reason or another, however, both companies have left a lot to be desired in the mobile game.

While Intel has covered some vital ground with their Atom line of processors for Windows tablets, AMD is also very close to unleashing its new mobile accelerated processing units.

However, the company has put up a surprising little strategy in place.

In a recent earnings call that AMD held with financial analysts last week, CEO Rory Read and Senior Vice President Lisa Su revealed some curious plans for the near future. Basically, the company has no intention of taking the fight to Intel in the low-end spectrum.

Intel, and ARM, both, Android on ARM, that is.

Instead, AMD wants to focus on high-end tablets only, mobile gaming devices, and slates that can handle performance intensive tasks with a breeze. Essentially, then, AMD wants to focus on tablets that offer performance capabilities closer to what is expected from PCs these days.

One might make a case that AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, do not actually possess the necessary gears to challenge Intel and ARM on the budget end — so a move like this makes total sense.

Keeping in mind the fact that AMD is not bothering with high-end CPUs on the desktop market, and on the mobile front it is shying away from the low-end, this is a tactic of some pretty sharp contrasts. But whatever results in the end consumer winning, works good.

Expect to see some AMD Beema and Puma tablet designs, probably closer to Computex in early June.

  • Drew J

    So AMD wants to be high-end I guess. I don’t understand much about this side of things, but we’ll see how it works out.

  • Ted Smith

    Cilantro joke went way over my head. Care to explain, Fahad? Haha, sorry for missing this one.

    • Kelsy Martin

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! I read the first line a few times and didn’t catch the reference. Someone please explain! lol

  • Claire R

    So Intel and ARM focus on all kinds of tablets? I’m guessing that’s what you’re saying from the article, so I guess it’s a good move, but only time well tell on whether or not it was a good business decision.