AMD updates product roadmap, announces ultra-low power processors for tablets

AMD has updated it’s product roadmap. The updates seem to indicate a renewed focus on Tablets.

To this end, they are adding a new part, the 4.5-watt “Hondo” ULP accelerated processing unit (APU) – a CPU/GPU combo.

“We want to hit the volume sweet spots of the industry,” said AMD Global Business Units general manager Lisa Su, speaking at the company’s Financial Analyst Day in Santa Clara, California, on Thursday.

“From a growth standpoint,” Su said, “it’s clear that ultrathins and tablets will be two of the biggest growth vectors in the mobile space, and we are going to go after that with a vengeance.”

To move into the ULP market, AMD is targeting x86 support at under two watts. “We can absolutely get x86 to less than 2 watts,” Su promised. “So if you think about that, you can take the full Windows 8 capability into an x86 processor in a tablet system that lasts for over 30 days battery life. That is very much within the realm of our capability.”

Su pointed out that AMD will have plenty of both possible customers and competition in the tablet market. “There are a lot of players who are out there talking about tablets,” she said, “and frankly, the volume isn’t so high – except for the first one.”

A lot of companies are putting it all on the line with Windows 8.

The roadmaps are shown below (click to expand)…

AMD roadmap 2011 2012

AMD roadmap 2011 2012

AMD roadmap 2012 2013

AMD roadmap 2012 2013

Source: The Register