Microsoft has put forth a massive reorganization process that it believes will get it closer to the devices and services concept that has been embraced by CEO Steve Ballmer.

Needless to say, analysts are applauding this new strategy, and what it promises to bring.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all its divisions work coherently with each other. Redmond hopes that this new restructuring will not only help make the company more profitable, but also allow it to bring the best products and services to market in an increasingly competitive world.

To put it simply, the world is changing — and Microsoft finally understand it.

At least this is what Charles King, the principal analyst over at Pund-IT believes. In a short interview with V3 he said that Microsoft’s new reorganization is a sign that the technology titan finally understands that the world is changing and its needs to adapt its offerings likewise:

“The purpose of this reorganisation is to prove that Microsoft understands that the world is changing. The world is a different place than in the heyday of the Wintel era, and Microsoft understands that the most dynamic parts of the market are moving away from its traditional market sweet-spots.”

To be fair, there is still a fair amount of uncertainty in certain areas, as far as market dynamics are concerned. While most market watchers expect the decline of PC hardware to continue and sales of tablet and mobile devices to pick up, the level of competition still remains terribly fierce.

Microsoft would be hoping to see increased adoption of its two leading platforms, on computers and mobile phones, with the release of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 down the road.

Sustained success here would go a long way in ensuring a smooth sailing future.

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