Analyst Believes Microsoft Is Indeed Listening To Users With Windows Blue

One of the many common things between Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows boss Julie Larson-Green is that both said during their BUILD keynote addresses that Windows 8.1 is proof that Microsoft is listening to users.

In fact, both senior executives have reiterated this statement once or twice earlier too, leaving no doubt that the Windows Blue initiative is indeed based on user demands.

And this is one fact that some analysts also agree on.

Take Richard Logan, for example. The public and corporate sales director at analyst firm Misco believes that Microsoft’s strategy to get closer to users, and offer what the public demands could be a winning strategy.

Talking to The Channel, the analyst noted:

“The option to boot directly to the familiar and ‘classic’ desktop avoiding the tile style interface should make enterprise customers more open to adopting Windows 8. It removes a concern related to the need for retraining employees.”

To be quite honest, the retraining employees bit was one of the primary concerns at the time Windows 8 hit the market. The missing in action Start button was another one. And both combined to create confusion among adopters which led to lackluster sales.

The Start button, however, is making a comeback in the upcoming refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, even though it does not launch a Start Menu, but gets users to the Start screen instead.

Nevertheless, on the whole it seems that Windows 8.1 is doing a lot of things right. And several analyst and market watchers seem to agree.

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