Redmond may be placing some heavy bets on end users with shiny new products like Windows 8 and the Surface slates, but the technology titan still has eyes firmly set on the enterprise sector.

Microsoft has set in motion its new cloud-based services strategy to bring its solutions to more and more workplaces. And this is something that if you ask Sid Parakh over at McAdams Wright Regan, is the perfectly right way to go.

Talking to Barron’s, the analyst explained that Microsoft should focus a fair bit more on the enterprise market as Microsoft has a momentous opportunity in this particular industry sector:

“We believe that Microsoft has a significant long-term opportunity on the Enterprise front given its legacy footprint. The company is uniquely positioned to deliver hybrid cloud services (infrastructure, platforms and applications) and we expect to see continued traction on this front.”

And that’s not all, folks.

A significant number of businesses and enterprises are still running Windows 7 and Windows XP, and this provides Microsoft with an opportunity to not just pitch them its cloud services, but also upgrade them to its latest platform — Windows 8.

To the technology titan’s credit, Microsoft has increased its focus on the enterprise sector in recent years, buoyed by its cloud-powered solutions like Windows Azure and Office 365.

Things, the feeling is, are only heating up.

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