Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system, has found varying amounts of success in various industry sectors. While technology enthusiasts and gamers have been quick to adopt the new OS, others have been more cautious.

Businesses users, particularly large enterprises are still not overly impressed with Windows 8.

And according to one analyst, one of the biggest reasons for this is that Microsoft has failed to come up with something really interesting that targets this sector.

David Johnson, a Forrester Research analyst believes that this is something that the software titan still needs to improve in the coming months. Redmond should revise its enterprise approach in such a way that helps potential customers understand the real advantages of switching to the new platform.

Talking to Forbes, the analyst explained:

“Enterprises just don’t see Windows 8 having value. They don’t see the value in the changes in Windows 8.”

Of course, prior versions of Windows are not helping things one bit in this regard.

Many enterprises have only recently completed the transition to Windows 7, the most popular operating system in the world. And then there is the case of Windows XP — the classic old OS is still installed on a fair fraction of computers that are connected to the web.

While Windows XP is another matter entirely, not many businesses and enterprises see value in moving to another operating system just yet.

Nevertheless, the way Microsoft has embraced the Metro design philosophy across most of its major product offerings, and how it plans to integrate them with Windows 8, it stands to reason that enterprises will see the value in making the jump to the new platform in due time.

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