It goes without saying that the need for more apps is often cited as one of the most pressing matters for Microsoft and its newest platforms, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

And even though there are well over 70,000 apps available in the Windows Store right now, analysts still feel that the Redmond-based software titan need to continue its efforts to convince developers to port their apps to the new platform.

Gartner analyst Tracy Tsai, talking to the Wall Street Journal, reiterated the statement:

“A main challenge for Microsoft is its number of apps is still limited compared to Google and Apple. More and more users are familiar with apps on their smartphones, and they would like to extend their use of these apps to their tablets.”

Tsai explained that more developers will bring their apps on Windows 8, as the operating system gains new users and increases its market share. But it still has a way to go before it can compete against the apps being offered by rivals like Google and Apple.

While Windows 8 is another story, Windows RT is an OS that will benefit the most with an increased selection of available apps.

There are rumors that Microsoft is looking to do away with the desktop in a future version of Windows RT (not necessarily the upcoming Windows RT 8.1), and it is here a more vibrant Windows Store will play its part in helping the platform really take off.

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