In fact, he went so far as to say that the sales underwhelmed expectations.

That is a far cry from the impressive success the tablet saw in the first few days on the market, where the most affordable version of Surface sold out in less than 24 hours.

According to ZDNet, Craig Berger, an analyst over at FBR Capital Markets in a note said that the disappointing sales have “underwhelmed expectations”. This is the reason why the Redmond giant has been so modest about giving away sales numbers.

Technology enthusiasts know that Microsoft is rarely quite when it comes to sales figures.

Microsoft obviously had planned to shift between 3 to 5 million Surface tablets in first quarter. But seeing the slow sales, the company reportedly halved its order at Foxconn, as it prepares for the Pro version of Surface set to hit the market in January 2013.

One of the bigger reasons cited for low sales by analysts is the somewhat high price of the device. The $599 for the tablet definitely puts it more expensive than the starting tag of an Apple iPad.

The situation becomes even more lopsided when you bring in the sub $200 tablet devices. Add to this one nifty little nugget of information that Microsoft is making more on the sale of a Surface tablet than a little company called Apple makes it on the sale of an iPad.

The easiest solution for this little sales problem is a price drop – the need for one is urgent.

Another factor that plays its part is the somewhat negative publicity Windows 8 is getting for its radical new user interface. There was a time when the Start Menu was a new thing, just like the Start Screen is now, but this isn’t stopping usability experts from calling out Windows 8 as confusing and disappointing.

This is a transition period for Microsoft, but the company most definitely has its work cut out.

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  • Avns

    well, if they sold it all over the world instead of just a few countries ! 😀

    • Fahad Ali

      True enough. 🙂 But also imagine if Surface cost $300 or $400. Bliss!

  • Ron Morris

    Yeah, it’s because we don’t want the RT. We want the Pro. Most of us that do any research have been waiting for a Windows tablet because we wanted an unrestricted desktop operating system, in the first place.

  • neodoru

    Well, whoever is interested in a windows tablet, is probably waiting for the pro… The rest want either expensive but with all apps possible – iPad, or cheap and a lot of apps – nexus. Surface RT isn’t either one of those 🙂

  • Rex King

    Part of the problem is that they are trying to sell enterprise devices to a consumer market. If they want to sell to enterprise, close the Microsoft stores and make direct sales to companies. If they want to sell to consumers, they need a tweener. A third tablet with a fully supported Atom processor. i5 processors are great for powerhouses, but they come at the compromise to battery life which is unacceptable for a tablet. Better to give up some horse power and extend the battery. If they dont, I will buy one from someone who will.

  • Maleck O’Shaughnessy

    I’m excited for the PRO version of this device. The RT is nice, however the PRO seems to be much better in terms of what it can do.

  • Jack Sparrow

    If I am gonna spend half a grand on something, I’d much rather go full grand on it. Surface Pro already has my name written on it. And no wonder, a lot of people are waiting for it, instead of splashing cash on the RT.

    Be interesting how the Pro fares, and what numbers get reported after its out.