Redmond continues its search for a new CEO and contrary to some reports on the matter, the software titan wants to take its sweet time in naming one. We can now expect a new name early next year, instead of later this week.

But while several potential candidates are said to be in the running for the vacant seat, analysts have been weighing on what type of a person is the best for the job.

In a recent statement, Rob Enderle, the principal analyst at The Enderle Group said that the next Microsoft CEO should have the best qualities of Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs in order to best transition the company towards a devices and services concept.

The company needs the best of both worlds to really prosper:

“Microsoft needs a very unique candidate; one that understands the business fundamentals like Ballmer does but has technical capability like Apple’s Steve Jobs did.

The ideal candidate would be a blend of the two men. They are not going to get that but they are going to try to get as close as they can and that’s making it difficult.”

Perfect blends are a rare sight in life, let along corporate management, but one can hope!

Word is that Satya Nadella is the flavor of the month — the company’s in-house cloud chief now in pole position to take over the hot seat. But much can change between now and the final announcement.

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  • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

    I agree completely. Sounds better than the two CEO idea earlier in the year.

  • 1stkorean

    I don’t know why that picture of Ballmer is used so much it is horrible and makes him look like he has no teeth.

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    What is it with you guys changing the layout every other week?? Make up your mind!