At least, they are only talking about this year.

Several companies were expecting Windows 8 to bolster computer hardware sales during the Holiday shopping season, but with unexceptional numbers several technology circles were left disappointed.

Some even pinned their hopes on the recovery starting this year.

Talking to BGR, Tom Evans, an analyst over at Canalys (nice!) said that this is not going to happen, and the PC industry is set to get negatively impacted by Windows 8 in 2013. In his own words:

“The launch of Windows 8 did not reinvigorate the market in 2012, and is expected to have a negative effect as we move into 2013.”

So what’s new, you may ask?

Oh, and if you are wondering why that is, stop wondering. The same old song about the new interface for Windows 8 is keeping the people away. Evans continues:

“Windows 8 is so different to previous versions that most consumers will be put off by the thought of having to learn a new OS. An additional barrier is the potential increase in cost that Windows 8 brings, as it is perceived that a PC with a touch-screen is needed to get the best user experience. In the current economic climate, this will be enough to make people delay purchases as they wait for prices to fall.”

I do agree about the touchscreen displays part, companies are yet to mass produce them and bring these displays to the market at evenhanded prices.

Microsoft for its part is busy convincing companies to move to its new platform, with several businesses already making the upgrade from older versions, particularly Windows XP.

The Redmond company may flaunt as many numbers as it can, but I reckon the only way people will consider Windows 8 a bona fide success is if it shows up with a considerable (and growing) market share. Say 10 or 20 percent, and then we are talking.

Because as of right now, it just is far too easy to lay all the blame on Windows 8.

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  • Rex

    Touchscreens are an issue. I think that MS finds itself in a catch 22 on this one as well in marketing the touch screen. It is hard to convince people that Windows 8 works fine without it. The meme is so prevalent you can not go on a discussion board about Windows 8 without hearing how it sucks because touchscreen makes no sense on a desktop. This meme drives me crazy as it is wrong on at least 2 levels. Windows 8 works fine without touch, and touch is exillary, not required. These people have no sense to use something when it makes sense. The whole gorrilla arm ideology revolves on the idea that you hold your arm up to the screen the whole time. I suspect the culprits to these memes are willfully ignorant.

    • WillyThePooh

      I am currently using win8 w/o touch screen and I find it totally fine. Using touch screen on desktop may not be OK if you are running x86 programs as they are not programmed for touch. But you are recommended to use keyboard and mouse when you are in desktop mode anyway.
      The only complain I have is I can’t see my battery life and Wi-Fi connection right on start screen. Wonder if there is an app that will show it on a tile.

  • R.U.Kidding

    Micky Mouse Mistake sucks on a PC–Start Menu is gone-Media Center is gone-does not play CDs DVDs or BLU-Ray 5.1 surround sound is out–mail sux–no wireless printer support–NO multi tasking on multi monotors….have to download 3rd party programs to do anything……Windoze Mistake is a 4G program -Gismos Gadgets Garbage and Games ….and have you ever tryed to finger a 32 inch and 24 inch screen..? My pc is an entertainment PC and gaming center !!! Dumped the metro mess and reinstalled 7 a true PC program

    • WillyThePooh

      Except the mail apps, the others are not true. For mail, I go back to desktop mode to check my mail because I could mark junk mail and save photos there.