Analyst: Samsung Trying To Kill Windows Phone From The Inside

Analyst: Samsung Trying To Kill Windows Phone From The Inside

And without doubt, inside is where it hurts the most. A cursory look at things would reveal Samsung as one of the premier partners of the Windows Phone platform, right behind Nokia and HTC.

The Korean electronics giant has released a number of smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform over the years, the most recent being ATIV S in Europe and Canada, and its US counterpart ATIV Odyssey.

But through all this, Samsung has given the most attention to its Android based smartphones, the various Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices of the world.

No harm in admitting that Android is where the numbers are currently, but according to Detwiler Fenton analyst Jeff Johnson, Samsung has made no efforts to actively promote its Windows Phone devices. Talking to AllThingsD he said:

“Our checks indicate that Samsung may be intentionally gobbling up Microsoft’s smartphone resources as a strategic move to impede the adoption of Windows Phone 8. While Samsung insists on receiving extensive engineering support (which they are getting) from Microsoft, there is no evidence that Samsung has any interest in seeing the Windows Phone platform succeed.”

Some very strong suggestions right there, it must be said. The gist of it all is that Johnson believes Samsung is wasting Microsoft’s time, money and efforts on purpose.

The analyst further speculates that the Korean giant may try its hands at launching its own mobile platform and bring to market smartphones running its Tizen operating system, which would put it in a heated competition with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

If there is one smartphone maker that has put its own stamp on Android devices its Samsung.

The company’s Galaxy branded devices now command a strong foothold across most markets in the world, and with hundreds of millions in yearly sales, they more than match up to Apple’s iPhone. If the Korean giant wants to play it aggressive it can soon forsake both Android and Windows Phone.

Nevertheless, launching a brand new platform is a risky endeavor — only time will tell whether the company tries its hands at something like this. If it does, Microsoft could soon find Samsung go the LG way as far as the Windows Phone platform is concerned.

Thoughts? Do you believe Samsung has a master plan at hand, or is this just one analyst’s fantasy? Sound off in the comments section below.

  • http://TechGadgetsRepair.Com/ Nico

    I have to say I am not worried about this. I recently converted over to using the WP8 platform on my HTC 8x and it has been the best experience I have had so far with a phone. If the marketplace for windows is improved I think they can play a major role in the choice smartphone, but until then users are more inclined to go with Android or iOS. My personal preference (after using BB, iOS, Android) has definitely got to be WP8. Even if Samsung drops the support for offering Windows platform phones they still have superphone manufacturers Nokia, and HTC. Overall this was a great read, very interesting thanks for posting.

  • Simon Tupper

    WP8 will survive. It’s a great product.

  • vicenzo1408

    Windows phone is todally on its way up even windows 8 is making apple looking like old technology and i mean buying my windows phone is the best decision i made in a while i mean this thing has more features than a space shuttle there is no way anything can beat this anytime soon

    • Shaikh Muaaz

      Ur right bro..
      Even i am proud to be a windows phone family…

  • mzkhadir

    Easy to use, non convoluted and not frustrating.

  • Shaikh Muaaz

    Samsung is worst in windows phone..