Millions, they say. Apple may just have got a whole bunch of new users due to the changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 8. If we are to believe the unnamed OEM source the analyst cites, that is.

More than five months into release, Windows 8 still stirs up confusion amongst buyers and uncertainty amongst analysts. The latest on this is over at ZDNet , whereby word is that a lot of Windows customers made the decision to move to other (read more user-friendly and affordable) platforms.

Apple has been said to be the major beneficiary of this Windows 8 confusion.

The fruity-company already has been a long rival of Microsoft. But whatever you choose to believe in, the fact remains that Windows 8 has suffered from a slower uptake than what Microsoft would have hoped for when it launched the operating system.

So much so that Redmond still refuses to share sales statistics. And this is somewhat odd from a company that lived by throwing numbers around in the past.

In the meantime, Microsoft is hard at work fixing a lot of things and bringing a ton of improvements (large and small) to the upcoming Windows 8.1. The upgrade is said to pave way for the OS on all platforms — desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, convertibles and tablets.

Moreover, rumor are also abound that Microsoft is pondering bringing back the Start Menu, along with offering users the choice to boot straight to the desktop, thereby skipping past the Start Screen.

Nothing official on this matter — but then again, nothing can be discounted at this stage.

What is your take on the story? Do you believe that Apple got a ton of new users thanks to the slow debut of Windows 8? Or is this just fanciful thinking? Do comment.

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  1. I don’t agree. If someone was going to buy an iToy, they would do it anyway. It isn’t a replacement for their Win laptop/desktop. Lots of people have both. Just because someone purchased an Apple device doesn’t mean they have left Microsoft.

  2. If apple did get millions of new users from Windows platform and their sales are still going down during the same period of time, then the one who has to worry about their user base loyalty should be Apple.

  3. Analysts are apple fanboys who get paid like crap for writing crap.

    Let’s just all agree to that fact and live our lives peacefully.

  4. BS. Win8 is rapidly closing on MacOS market share. I love Windows 8 and the same ol’ Windows desktop is still there and better than EVER.

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