Second chances are quite rare in this fast paced world. But a technology titan like Microsoft can lay claim to one, right after the launch of its radically innovative operating system, Windows 8.

Figures released by IDC show reveal that Windows 8 has done little to boost PC sales — forget boost, the new operating system did not even manage to stop the bleeding, analysts say, leading to a stark 14 percent decline in PC shipments in the just first quarter of the year that just ended.

Market experts have been all too quick to blame the lack of a Start button (along with the UI changes) introduced by Microsoft in its new operating system.

IDC analyst Al Hilwa, talking to the Wall Street Journal said that Microsoft should let bygones be bygones, and instead shift its focus on the next Windows release:

“Windows 8 was about birthing a new model of applications, essentially a tablet model. Blue is the next milestone in this plan. It brings the phone and PC platform closer together and makes both more compelling.”

The next Windows release is, according to the grapevine, set to be called Windows 8.1 and is internally known as Windows Blue. Experts believe that this new update would give Redmond another strike at reigniting the faltering PC sales.

And it helps that the new OS will be out around the time Intel unleashes its Haswell lineup of CPUs.

Reports indicate that Windows Blue could see the light of day sometime this summer — anywhere between August and September — while a public beta is expected to be released in June at the BUILD developer conference.

Will the wheels of time align with Lady Luck? Not long remains, then, to find out.

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  • Oobgular

    I wish people would just shut up about the lack of a start button. Are people really so dumb that they can’t cope with a corner instead of a button? Seriously, you put your mouse in the SAME CORNER!

    • bigalplayer

      don’t worry, when Microsoft introduced the the same start button in Windows 95, it was the end of the world they were maniacs, evil, the press called them lunatics! well the same that are against the lack of a start button now! lol

      • Hamid Esper

        what are you talking about ignorant !!

  • G M

    hey, this is annoying that you cannot find things in their usual place. how about I hide your car keys and then say: “are you so dump, you cannot just look over there?” hate hidden button and windows 8 in general

    • TD Grae

      Well I’m fine with it. It took me less than a minute to figure out the corners and they in fact work better for me than in windows 7. Seriously, think about it.
      Windows 7 switching windows: Move mouse away from window, hover over icon, wait, select window, move mouse back up, done.
      Windows 8 switching windows: Top left corner, select window, done.
      Even searching for stuff. Windows 7: start menu, type it in, wait for like 20 seconds for some programs or files.
      Windows 8: Right corners, search, type it in, instantaneous.

  • Hamid Esper

    windows 8 = destruction of Microsoft, windows blue = total annihilation of Microsoft !!
    Microsoft should have kept its reputation by keeping true to the robust windows 7 … instead they chose to follow android and make people dumber !!

    Not only that after the privacy scandals of iOS and android, windows 7 proved to be the most privacy proof OS, yet instead of benefiting from this, Microsoft choose to destroy this image unfortunately by enforcing windows 8 on us, whom I can fairly say resembles the launch of windows vista, vista sp1 (windows blue 8.1) didn’t save the day and thus people kept using windows XP until the successful windows 7 got released.

    Should we wait for windows 9 to save the day ?! or Microsoft will lets us develop phone 8 apps by releasing an SDK that supports windows 7 ?! …….DAMN Where’s that shutdown button on windows 8 ?! and to wrap it up, I strongly believe that a woman designed the dumb windows 8 graphic design … hence the catastrophe !!

    • Oobgular

      When was the last time you used windows 8? The developer preview? I agree, they should have put the shutdown button in a better place but it really doesn’t matter, if you know where it is. Microsoft did not “enforce” it on us, they just released it. If you don’t like it, don’t get it, but don’t go bashing it when you obviously haven’t used it.

      Why are you even here if you hate it so much, by the way? I’ve never understood you people. If you hate something, why would you go to it just to bash it? Just don’t use it and ignore it. Why are you looking for it on the internet?