Android daily phone activations reach a record high

Holy cow!

I read this and almost fell off my chair.

According to Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, Android device activations are now at 850,000 per day.

Almost 1 million phones a day coming online with the Android OS.

That is an IMPRESSIVE number and will be hard to beat with the type of momentum that they have in the phone space.

Say a prayer for Windows Phone.


  • Yossi Cohen

    so… 800000 people in the world change their rom a day….
    and 50000 activate new android phone…

    you all forget that every rom change/factory reset you re-activate your phone!!!!!!
    it’s true that the android rules but really?! 850,000 “activations”?! 
    as an android user i know that every time you switch rom you redo that activation screen so it’s a fail data…

    • Bulla

      Absolutely WRONG!
      IMEI is crucial for being considered as a NEW activation.
      You can get a new smartphone that uses with Android and change its ROM 1,000 times, but only once will be considered a NEW activation: the first one, when the IMEI is sent.