Some believe that Android is the new Windows. One trait that Android seems to have obtained from earlier versions of Windows is lax security. Most mobile malware is still targeted at Android.

This has been revealed in this new report from security firm F-Secure.

And as worrying a factor this is for Android users, there has been no mention of any malware on Windows Phone — which makes the third most popular mobile operating platform in the world, the most secure of the bunch.

According to the company, no less than 277 new malware families were discovered on mobile devices in the first quarter of this year, with a shocking 275 of these threats targeted at Android.

One on iOS and another on Symbian complete the blacklist.

Several of these, the report says are Trojans and are designed primarily for silently sending SMS. Premium rate SMS at that, in case you were wondering. Makes one wonder just how severely Google plans to tackle this in future versions of Android.

And keeping in mind that this report only takes into account the first three months of 2014, the remaining nine months could be potentially scarier.

If you are interested you can read the full report here, also available as a PDF file.

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  1. Unfortunately, the bigger you get, it seems the more susceptible you are to these kinds of attacks. Now Android is facing it, which can only benefit Windows Phone.

    • Yes but also that it is open source. And that often third parties often edit it which can open new vulnerabilities, and also these third parties deploy the updates.

  2. Windows Phone most secure! I wonder how much has to do with the low % of users relative to the market size. I’m sure it plays a part, but it’s still impressive and needed especially given the XP stuff from the last couple of days. Much needed for Windows Phone.

    • If you are a hacker, will you target an object that’s 75-80% of the market or one that is only 3%? A bit surprise to see one targets Symbian OS.

      • You think Android owns world 75-80 market share?

        • IPhone occupied only 15% smart phone market now. WP 3%. Adding other minor ones, then 75-80% is pretty close.

          • Marketing stats pulled across 3 different measurement show 55 – 60. IOS is larger than 15 with the ability for larger growth.

          • WillyThePooh / May 3, 2014 at 7:33 am

            Below is the stat. It shows iPhone’s market share dropped to 14% long time ago. You probably combined both ipad and iPhone’s market share.

            Losing market share: The iPhone’s share of the smartphone market peaked at nearly 24% in the holiday quarter of 2011, according to research firm Gartner. But Apple’s share dropped to 21% the next holiday season, and again to 14% last quarter. Android dominates the market with a 79% share.

            Meanwhile, the iPad is losing its grip on the market even more quickly. Data from tech consultancy IDC shows the iPad scored more than 76% of the market when it debuted in 2010, but its share plummeted to 33% last quarter. During the same period, Android tablets nearly tripled their share from 23% to 63%.

      • I would think you’d target the bigger market share to make more of splash. Then again, I guess it depends on the particular hacker.

        • That’s why one target iPhone and another Symbian. Symbian is pretty much dead and so I am surprised someone will spend time to hack it.

  3. Same reason why Windows are targeted as well. So those who believe Linux is better is too naïve. One problem with Android is there are too many variants and users are depended on their vendors to patch the bugs. Google can’t do a thing even it is the official owner of Android OS.

  4. Aaditya Menon / May 1, 2014 at 12:36 am /Reply

    WP is the best , no doubt…………

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