There is a reason why Android has not yet been able to gain corporate acceptance with BYOD and such. And that is security. The platform is far too open, far too susceptible to all manners of threats.

So much so that there are reports that Android smartphones are being sold to consumers with spyware already baked in — as in malicious software preloaded onto these handsets.

In fact, the spyware is disguised as the Play Store app that cannot be removed, as it is integrated deeply into the firmware of the device.

Security vendors G DATA discovered this threat in the N9500 Androids smartphone manufactured by a Chinese company that goes by the name of Star. Rich, very rich!

The spyware intercepts and send all sorts of personal data to an unknown address in the country, including banking details, text messages, and calls. And it even controls the camera and microphone of the device. The threat is named Android.Trojan.Uupay.D, and it runs in the background:


And in case you were wondering, this is not the first such case.

Kaspersky reported a similar threat this year, in March, with malware that also went by the name of Uupay. It operated in pretty much the same way, with the only difference being that it was preinstalled as DataService, which is another ingenious name to hide such malicious code.

No wonder companies are flocking towards Windows Phone solutions for maximum piece of mind.

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  1. Not good for Android! I’m sure Microsoft and Apple are loving it though. Seems like a stupid and senseless move by Android.

    • This isn’t a move by Android, this is a move by yet another unregulated Chinese company preying on consumers. This has nothing to do with Google or stock Android.

      • Interesting. James, are you suggesting that the Chinese after all of their worries about using Microsoft because of the threat of spying are doing the exact same thing.. Takes one to know one I guess, right? lol

  2. Google Android as it ships on reputable smartphones like Motorola Moto and nexus series does NOT have any such spyware. This is the work of a malicious third party. Same risks apply equally to Windows Phone at least theoretically. Only buy a trusted smartphone from a trusted company. Be careful that you do not generalize and confuse your audience when you write articles or choose their title.

  3. Why should this be a surprise. Google is the only company out there that operates like a malware company. I’ve gone on websites and been prompted to upgrade IE or Safari. Other than that’s probably the most I’ve been prompted to download Microsoft software. Maybe a few requests to download Bing toolbar. But honestly Google is the only major software company out there that tries to piggyback all it’s software on the downloads and installs of other software. I see so many people install Google Toolbar or Chrome without originally planning to

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