One of the most popular mobile gaming series in modern history has quickly become the Angry Birds series.

In the past, these popular games often skipped Windows Phone altogether and went straight to Android and iOS. It seems that Rovio is starting to recognize potential from Microsoft’s mobile endeavors.

First, Angry Birds Space FINALLY came to Windows Phone, about 7 months late to the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars has now launched for Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone 8. The game is going to be a massive success because it ties in Star Wars and a popular mobile game series, but that’s not the big take away here.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 got the app on the same day as iOS and Android this time around. This means they are getting first-day access to a big name app.

Not long ago, Rovio said that they refused to announce games for Windows Phone 7— so this is a nice change of pace.

When a big mobile gaming app maker like Rovio breaks tradition and reaches out to a platform it originally shunned, that means change is certainly in the air.

Many consumers seem leery to jump over to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 due to the fact that these platforms have less apps.

Even more concerning is that many of the apps that are coming happen to be from smaller app makers, not the big boys.

More to Come With Windows 8 and Phone 8

Rovio’s change is a good indication that more is in store. Twitter has also announced it is working on an official app, yet another big name app. A trend is emerging here.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are doing what Microsoft has been unable to do in the past— attract big name developers.

Sure, the flood gates aren’t open wide for big name developers just yet, but we are also talking about an operating system that is brand new. What do you think of the apps in Windows 8 and Windows Phone so far?

Any big name apps you feel are missing that are ‘deal-breakers’ for you, or not?

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  • NazmusLabs

    There is an important thing you have to realize. Windows Phone 8 allows native code, and, hence, allows porting iOS and Android games. In Windows Phone 7, the developers had to literally recode their entire games for Silverlight and the Windows Phone 7 platform. This, combined with the low market share, was totally not worth it. With Windows Phone 8, developers can reuse codes from various platforms. This is why Angry Birds space was released for Windows Phone 8 only. They had no desire to rewrite the game for Windows Phone 7.

    Now, this is also why Unity and other game engines are jumping in to Windows Phone 8. The native code makes these possible. This is also why for the games that were recoded for Windows Phone 7, like the original Angry Birds, it wasn’t updated to be on par with iOS/Android version. Who wants to do code an update twice. With Windows Phone 8, updates will happen.
    It’s not only about market share and potential. The amount of effort needed is also important. Even though Windows Phone 8 has LESS market share than Windows Phone 7, developers will code for Windows Phone 8 solely because they can reuse code from and to other platforms.
    I hope this makes the scene a bit more clear.

    • Andrew_Grush

      Great point! Thanks.