Windows 8.1 is shaping up to be quite some all-rounder. Microsoft is keen to optimize and enhance as many elements and features of the upcoming OS as it can. And judging by how things are shaping up, the company is doing a fine job.

Reports first came out a few months back that Microsoft was about to bring animated Start Screen backgrounds for users to customize the Start Screen to their liking.

And now the leaked build 9471 shows these new changes, and how these animated wallpapers can be configured from the Start Screen personalization menu that is available via the Settings charm in Windows 8.1.

The image above shows that while there are plenty of backgrounds preinstalled in the operating system, there is no dedicated option to add new ones — at least not yet.

But there are plenty of background and accent color options, the full rainbow.

Animated wallpapers move as the Start Screen is scrolled. How they look also depend on the number of Live Tiles that are configured to be displayed in the Metro UI. Nevertheless, these are some handy new features as far as customization options are concerned.

Windows 8.1 is on track to be compiled later this month, and the final release date of the upcoming operating system will soon be officially announced by Microsoft.

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