While Microsoft’s consumer products have taken up most of the recent headlines in media, the company understands just how important its corporate contacts are.

Redmond has had a number of success garnering several high-profile contracts, government and otherwise. Ever since the release of its latest operating system, Microsoft continues to negotiate agreements with businesses and enterprises all over the world to deploy Windows 8.

The latest success story is Khushhali Bank — a bank in Pakistan that has recently decided to make the move to Microsoft software, signing a deal with the Redmond-based software company.

Talking to The News, Ghalib Nishtar, the president of the bank said:

“The signing of the Microsoft enterprise agreement through InfoTech signifies not only our commitment to deploy Microsoft technologies at Khushhali Bank but also to place our trust in InfoTech as our technology partner.”

The bank plans to deploy Microsoft services in its bid to significantly reduce cost while still offer top-notch communication and collaboration features to its employees.

Some may question the implementation of Microsoft products in financial institutions for security reasons, Khsuhhali Bank is not a lone ranger in this regard — several financial establishments have already embraced software from Redmond.

And this is, in many ways, a testament to the emphasis Microsoft has afforded to the security of its software solutions in recent years.

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