At least for some users. Another buggy update seems to have slipped through without Microsoft noticing, as there are reports that KB3002339 is giving trouble.

The final Update Tuesday fixes started flying off servers late last night.

And apparently, one of the seven bulletins that the software titan released is causing issues to a number of users that are running Visual Studio on their computers — the abovementioned update fails to installs properly, no matter the versions of Windows.

Users reported the incompatibility issue on Microsoft’s Community forums.

At this point, both Windows 7 and Window 8.1 systems have been confirmed to be affected by this little bug, though Visual Studio 2012 is the only version that is suffering from this problem.

As one user explained:

“I let it set for over 90 minutes on four computers the first time. Ended up having to restore the computers, hid Update for Visual Studio 2012 (KB3002339) and even then had to install the other December Microsoft updates in smaller chunks to get everything but KB3002339 installed.”

So basically, the installation of the KB3002339 update fails to complete, and in some cases takes up to an hour only to fail and return an error.

Frustrating, but hopefully Microsoft is looking into this by now.

A few workaround have been posted, though, where users restored their computers to make sure that this particular update deploys properly. Others are reporting success by manually installing it. But the easiest way to deal with the problem is to hide the update in Windows Update.

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