While it seems that Update 1 will be a minor refresh of Windows 8.1 that further refines the operating system for mouse and keyboard users, interest in Windows 9 is continually ramping up.

More so after the recent rumors that the next full version of Windows might launch this year.

And now have another indication that Windows 9 might indeed be here sooner rather than later. Joe Belfiore of Microsoft, talking to journalists that attended the company’s gathering at MWC 2014 said that the company plans to stick to its rapid release cadence.

This express release cycle was what brought us Windows 8.1 one year after Windows 8.

Anyway, according to most previous reports, Windows 9 is headed for launch sometimes in early 2015, which puts it at one year after the debut of Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Then again, it will not be the biggest surprise in the world seeing it released by the end of this year.

While we have no confirmed details at this point, Microsoft is expected to detail Windows 9 at the BUILD 2014 developer conference in April.

Chances are that the next full version of Windows will bring around a whole bunch of improvements to the modern platform including a Start Menu and the ability to launch Metro apps in their own window.

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  1. One year after Update 1 really wouldn’t be a rush. Its not like MS has never released an OS within a year of a service pack

  2. One year after Windows 8.1 wouldn’t be a rush either. That was a bigger release than Update 1 so I could definitely see it go either way. October this year or April of next.

  3. Hats off to Microsoft for taking a HUGE RISK in giving Windows a much needed face lift. Unifying two different computing environments was never going to be an easy task to pull off, but they are trying to make it work which is more than what Apple and Google are doing.

  4. According to Mary, Threshold will start coding after April. According the Wzor, win9 beta will come out in May. That time frame doesn’t match each other. We shall see if Threshold is really win9.

  5. There must be something new In Windows 9 , which wasn’t present in any windows version at all…

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