Video Cortana vs Siri You Say

Another Microsoft Ad Takes It To Siri, Dot View Case Highlighted

Recall the Dot View case that HTC first bundled with the Android version of HTC One M8, and then brought to the Windows Phone flavor? Well, Microsoft is showcasing this in a new ad.

Just like the previous advertisement, the company continues bashing the Apple Siri.

Only this time around, Redmond wants to show how Cortana on the HTC smartphone provides a superior experience to that is found on the iPhone — and as you’d imagine the Dot View case is front and center in this ad.

Take a look at the video below:

The ad is titled “What Did You Say?” And it shows how Cortana makes it possible to access your phone even with the case closed. This is something that is not possible on the iPhone, and the ad makes it a point to highlight this.

Obviously, it is not an exclusive experience, as the Dot View case also works with Google Now, on the Android version of the HTC One M8.

Ads like this probably will not sway anyone into buying the HTC Windows Phone flagship over an iPhone, more so if a customer has already made his decision. But this is another quirky commercial that reinforces Microsoft’s message.