Another Microsoft Online Service Shutting Down Soon

Another Microsoft Online Service Shutting Down Soon

A number of Microsoft services got the ax in the last year or so, and now we can add another one to the list. The company has formally announced the decision to close the Bing Webmaster forums.

This particular service provided users with free advice from experts and solutions to issues they experienced. Redmond plans to turn the lights off end of May or early June.

Although no clear reason is offered behind the decision, it does come down to dropping interest in the service, which was enough to convince the company to shut down the Bing webmaster forums. As this recent announcement states:

“Over the last few years, we’ve had our Webmaster forums up and running. They’ve been around a while now in a few iterations, and like any community, the goal is to grow it to be vibrant and engaging.

To foster the deep involvement of experts who help others, creating a community that contributes to improvements and makes its own gravity. There comes a time, however, when you sometimes need to re-evaluate, and once in a while, regroup.”

Yup, dropping interest it is.

Redmond does, however, state that several company employees are active at other webmaster and web development forums and websites, so if you seek advice from them, these alternate communities are the way go to.

You can take a look at Bing Webmaster Forums here, in the meantime, before it closes.

  • Matthew Laws

    Gets them back in the news at least. I don’t think anyone was paying attention to them before this, so that’s a positive. They really do need to improve forum experience though, so this is a smart move if they’re planning something new.